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  • Research & Evaluation Study

    Health Careers NW is a research grant funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. They are conducting a study to determine how these training opportunities help people improve their skills and find better jobs. This requires every person eligible for Health Careers NW to be selected through a lottery system.
  • Assistive Technology

    In healthcare, Assistive Technology refers to any item that helps patients carry on their daily life. This covers everything from voice recognition software to wheelchairs and mechanical arms. It commonly means an electronic or computerized device that helps a disabled person to function more easily. A Durable Medical Equipment Repair Technician (DMERT) certification provides foundational and hands-on experience from basic repair to complex restoration of equipment. This certification can lead to an equipment repair position in a long-term care facility or at a repair firm.


    This position has great potential for those who like working with complex mechanical equipment and are detail oriented.

    • Medical Equipment Repair Technician
    • Prepare, sterilize, install, or clean laboratory or healthcare equipment. May perform routine laboratory tasks and operate, or inspect equipment.
    • $17.01
    • 6 - 8 week training + Certification
    • Take Assistive Technology Professional exam to become an Assistive Technology Professional after 3 years work experience.

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